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SUCKS result

YEAH, Its the first time Typing Bloggie by using my "noobest" horrible ENGLISH.
trying to improve more for my writing skills because I really poor for it.:(

My result for MID YEAR exam is EXTREMELY horrible TT.
Although today is just the FIRST day i recieved the Question paper from my dearest Teacher.
i just cant imagine how NERVOUS i am while waiting for the BIO paper 3.
cos OUR Pretties teacher said that our class NOBODY get a good result. Not even 1 person get 30/50 marks.
My face turn "Brownish"even its ad BROWN =.=
i cant expect this kind of result! JUST because i had done my preparation, i read every thing , i really use my heart to STUDY. TT
yet, i get 18/50. WHAT the shit is this?. OMG.
the moment i get the paper, what i use to tell myself is"NEVER MIND,THIS IS THE FIRST TIME USING THE REAL SPM FORMAT." "NEVER MIND, U STILL GOT CHANCES TO DO WELL."

but the real is, i really SAD!! 

yup, i know that is fact. 
yup, my language is SUCKS.
I fail my BM in THE SOO CALL "UPSR".
i dont even know how to BINA AYAT that time.
i dont even know how to face the public that time.
But at lease i DON'T GIVE UP!
i try my best to RE-STUDY every things.
trusting that i cn be better ,
Lastly,  i did it! 

But this exam i just get "NGAM NGAM" .
43 marks for BM. More improvement is needed to face the future.
its tooo weak! cn write, but "bahasa sucks" ,"frasa sucks","Ejaan sucks!!!"
spelling error fully provide by me for my lovely teacher >6<.

THINK, now is the time for me to face my SUBJECT  like last time.
i trust, this is more easier than start from 0 .

BETWEEN, compare to language and BIOLOGY
MATHS and ADD MATHS im quiet confident.
although ADD MATHS its really hard, but at lease its FUN! lol =.=
The despaired Monday Passed.
what will come out 2moro?? 

Can't imagine.
be pround to be urself:)

Lastly, i love u ANTLEE :)

love urself more , cos u're SPECIAL!

SPECIAL only 1!

Brilliant !